Our Services

Our services

Help with purchasing a property

You have fallen in love with Tenerife just like us, and have decided that this island may be your second home. Now just pick the right property in the right place. Call us and arrange a meeting with one of our real estate agents who are able to help you and advise you in your decision what real estate you want. Each client is different and has different ideas. We can adapt and help you choose the property of your dreams.


Help with all dcumentation

It is important to prepare well first. You need to know exactly what you are doing and we will help you. We will arrange the hall process of getting the right documentation to buy the property in the Canary Islands. You don't have to spend money on expensive legal services. Thanks to many years of experience on the market, we will provide you with a complete service of preparing documents included in selling price.


Helping you get mortgage in Spain

If you are interested in an investment but you donĀ“t want to  put in full amount of purchasing price.  We are able to help you with securing a mortgage abroad. This option is very popular for many of our investors.  We know how to do it. The advantage of real estate financing here is that you do not have to guarantee real estate in your country . You only need to submit the necessary documentation  and the bank can finance up to 50% of the price of the property.


Refurbishing your new or already owned property

You have found the property in the right place for good  price, but the interior of your new beach property is a bit outdated. We provide efurbishing  of apartments according to the wishes of our client. We will do a 3D project in advance and then we can start work on it. And turn your apartment to the house of your dreams.